A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Alakajam 2 in 48 hours.

You can't see everything at once!

Chose between seeing yourself and the level in order to get where you need to go!

Complete the levels as quickly as you can, you're being timed!


  1. 110 - dapperducc
  2. 163 - Aurel & Danae
  3. 376 - Pepelumen
  4. 491 - Janine
  5. empty
  6. empty
  7. empty
  8. empty
  9. empty
  10. empty

Post your time in the comments with a proof screenshot to be added to the leaderboard.

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You Can't See Everything at Once (Windows 32-bit) 14 MB
You Can't See Everything at Once (Mac, Untested) 18 MB

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This was delightfully challenging and really well done for the time you had to make it! The concept is excellently executed, and I could picture this as a much bigger game with a lot more challenges ahead!

Keep up the awesome work everyone! =)

I ran into a weird bug with the graphics settings affecting jumping. On very low when I played the jump button would work intermittently, between every other and about every 4th button press, but on ultra it works fine.

That's strange and I can't seem to reproduce it.

What platform were you playing on?

windows specifically windows 7 service pack 1

I managed to reproduce it and found the cause.

It's patched now.


I did thing

that was my first run, :D

now here's my cooler 2nd run


If this were turned into a full game, I'd play/buy it

Haha thanks!


Made a video 

Thanks for playing!

on mac you cant jump while moving it killed my run :C


Oh boy. I'll preface this with I didn't even finish. You don't want to know what my end time/score was... It was a fun game regardless!


Thanks so much for playing hahah this was a blast to watch ^_^


You worked on the game so I'm not going to put you on the leaderboard.


It feels like I had a love hate relationship while playing this game!

Cool game btw! Challenging but it was really satisfying to be able to finish the levels.

Thanks for playing! You're score is on the leaderboard now.

Thanks so much for playing Janine <3


Nice game! Love the art and fx details.

Here's my time (I know, lame, but I'm the first entry so...)

Thanks for playing! I've put your score on the leaderboard.