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here's my attempt. I wish color palette is different.


I may have found an easter egg? Note how there are definitely more than 7 unique colors in this picture. (Hint, it's a key you can press)


That's a debug command that shouldn't be accessible 😅

I'm going to patch that out soon so enjoy it while you can!

really wish I could play it but having a small (Well not really small) monitor I can't play it because the programs are so far on the left and I couldn't see it if I could minimize it I can play it.

This is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure what it can do that just looking up random color pallets can't.


This was a really awesome little program. I'm no artist but I did a short video to show off this neat painting program. Keep up the great work! 


I have no idea what I'm doing!

(Suggestion though: a volume setting?)


Good stuff! Here's something I did :P


I love them

Deleted post

This is really funny