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Rogue_Paint is a roguelike inspired painting tool. Paint your dream picture with procedurally generated brushes and colors.

There is no erasing and no progress saving while painting.

Once satisfied, press save to export your work. Be warned: you can only export once. Exporting your painting will prevent you from working on it any further.

This is a paint tool with permadeath.


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Rogue_Paint (Windows 32-bit) 23 MB
Rogue_Paint (Windows 64-bit) 27 MB
Rogue_Paint (Linux 64-bit) 40 MB


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really wish I could play it but having a small (Well not really small) monitor I can't play it because the programs are so far on the left and I couldn't see it if I could minimize it I can play it.

This is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure what it can do that just looking up random color pallets can't.


This was a really awesome little program. I'm no artist but I did a short video to show off this neat painting program. Keep up the great work! 


I have no idea what I'm doing!

(Suggestion though: a volume setting?)


Good stuff! Here's something I did :P


I love them

(1 edit) (+2)

this is awesome


This is really funny