A downloadable sport and game for Windows

Off the Wall and Potato Flambé was made for Sheridan Sprint Week Fall 2016 in 5 days.

Off the Wall was designed with being implemented digitally in mind. Potato Flambé is the digital adaptation of Off the Wall.

Off the Wall

Off the Wall is a new player vs player vs player vs player sport you can play with your friends!

Find an enclosed space and kick balls at each other to take over every zone.

Learn how to play with the one and only Randy Manpower!

Potato Flambé

Requires 4 controllers and players.

Inspired by Randy Manpower's tutorial video, 4 chefs decide to play Off the Wall with a potato in their kitchen.

Who will be the last chef standing?


Potato Flambe (Windows 32-bit) 26 MB

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