A downloadable tool for Windows

Image to Music works best with tiny pixel art.

Give an image, get a song!

Image to Music takes any .png image and turns it into music!

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AuthorSebastian Scaini
Made withProcessing
TagsMusic, Music Production, Relaxing, toy
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button, Textless


Image to Music (Windows 32-bit) 5 MB

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Thank you! Now i can finally turn Noise with minigun to music...


Sorry,the silence is too loud

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You might not know, but this is innovation, a new way to create and share music in a new way. Like the QR code translates squares to numbers, this translates colors to sounds.

I recommend use Piskel (program for pixel art very versatile) to create the image.

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Try this image ====> 

This is pretty cool !


Woah nice music!


Is A Png File an Instrument
yes Patric it is

it wont turn my image into music :(


what is the point of this


It converts images to an attempt at music for fun!


This is really cute! Love the idea! :3

Do you have something for 64 computers?Thank you!


64-bit computers should be able to run the 32-bit version fine.

Thank you. I'll try.


Is there any way to run this without installing Java?


Unfortunately not because I made it in Processing :(

Deleted post

I can't even play it without Windows Defender saying that it had "Protected My PC"


Maybe each columm should be a instrument, so you can play more tunes


Also MAYBE, each hue is an instrument