So you wanna be an artist? You're gonna have to deal with paying rent, taking commissions, and gaining a following. Not even mentioning the amount of... less than "pure" requests. 

Survive a week of making art from wacky commissioners, and you'll prove to everyone that you're art degree is more than just a glorified coaster. 



Install instructions

  1. Unzip game files.
  2. Launch Draw The Seedies So I Can Has Feedies.


Draw the Seedies So I Can Has Feedies (Windows 32-Bit) 27 MB
Draw the Seedies So I Can Has Feedies (Windows 64-Bit) 30 MB
Draw the Seedies So I Can Has Feedies (Linux Universal) 48 MB
Draw the Seedies So I Can Has Feedies (Android) 44 MB

Development log


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I will draw as many slimes as arena woman wants. I hope her combatants are motivated!

If you like Ambyst then be sure to check out Super Slime Slasher Ultra 😉

Great concept! I like the game but don't like the music. It looks like the sound button bottom right doesn't work

Deleted 60 days ago



yay i had an extra 108$

also i posed the same thing 2 ina row and NO ONE questioned it lol

Cool idea and nice artsyle :) However the game is improperly sized on Android, so some of the UI is hidden, and some is inaccessible.

If you don't mind sharing, what phone do you have so I can look into the bug and fix it.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus


Alright thanks, I'll try and have a fix out soon!


Can you only go through a single week or am i just stupid? i complete a week, make my rent and then some, and i dont keep anything.

It is just a week long. If you make your rent, then the money you have left is the score you got and it'll save your highscore.

It seems that the sound toggle icon(s?) on the bottom bar don't work to silence the sound, I'm afraid?

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This is such a relatable game. 420/10 would play again.

Haha thanks!