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ahh i thought this was week 6


....... no word

can i add the disaprence of hatsune is this a dating game plz someone answer me plz...

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The project is open source so you're welcome to clone it and try to add whatever you want with it


Best game 10/10

Windows just said it was an unrecognized app im worried ;-;

Yeah games and applications made with Processing will do that.

It's safe but you can always scan it with some antivirus if you want to be sure.

Oh ok thanks for the info :)


nice game xD




nays gaym bro o grafik ne lan gözlerim kanadı 


It's Really funny! Hope you make another game like this! I will make a video about this!


Could you implement the use of a controller? I find it really hard using the arrow keys, and I don't have a dance pad. Over all, good game, 10/10 IGN


I can't actually edit it anymore. All the files are long lost to the abyss.

Or at the very least the scripts I have don't work anymore. A downfall of not using an engine, I guess.


Aw man, that sucks.  But hey, it's still an awesome game



Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing!