A downloadable game for Windows

Requires JRE to play.


The most weeaboo game we could make, Doki-Doki Senpai ❤︎ is a rhythm-runner dating sim in which you chase Senpai by playing along with the song.

The game semi-supports dance pads, and has a tutorial on how to set it up.

Play through 3 levels, each with their own unique songs.



Doki-Doki Senpai (Windows 32-bit) 24 MB
Doki-Doki Senpai (Windows 64-bit) 95 MB

Development log


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nays gaym bro o grafik ne lan gözlerim kanadı 


It's Really funny! Hope you make another game like this! I will make a video about this!


Could you implement the use of a controller? I find it really hard using the arrow keys, and I don't have a dance pad. Over all, good game, 10/10 IGN


I can't actually edit it anymore. All the files are long lost to the abyss.

Or at the very least the scripts I have don't work anymore. A downfall of not using an engine, I guess.


Aw man, that sucks.  But hey, it's still an awesome game




super cute!


Thanks for playing!