Make your own cute bird in this bird making tool! Click on pieces to change how they look and make the cute bird of your dreams!



Development log


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it's him

these boots were made for walkin

peace was never an option



Absolutely fabulous!


Meet the Bird Dragon himself :D

Very powerful!


This is Mister Stripper. He's half bird, half hooker and he works as an employee at a small programing office.

Notice how he has his mother's eyes? It's because his father had an accident with a bird and now Mister Stripper has daddy issues, because he never met his father. 


Your Ex-Girlfriend

Oh no they've got a knife!


The randomizer made the coolest bird. He'll surf your waves and blaze for days.

So cool!



Cute but deadly!



So cute!


Meet The Honourable Mr. BirdFoot the Dragon Slayer


My bird pulled an all-nighter to get her presentation ready for the Big Meeting and just found out it got rescheduled.


Aww I hope they get some rest soon!


She’s doing a great job and deserves a vacation!!

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