Retiring Sebastian Scaini's One Hour Game Jam Collection

No need to worry though all the games will still be available!

I've made the decision to migrate all the games from this page onto their own individual pages over the coming weeks for the sake of organization and better compatibility with itch's app. Currently trying to install more than one game from this collection page is a nightmare with the app, so I figured it was time to close it down and list all the games separately. Originally the point of this page was to reduce clutter on my itch page, but in the many years since starting it I've released so many small games that it really won't make a huge difference to add all these separately.

This page will remain live until all the games have new homes on itch. After that, this page will become unlisted (but still accessible to anyone who has downloaded from it in the past). I will also update with a post here linking to all the new pages once they are live!

That's all from me, thanks for reading!

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