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I think this game needs a top ten. It's all well and good having the top score, but it would be nice to see some sense of progression rather than just waiting almost nine days to see if I can beat prestosilver.

Utterly stupid idea for a game and I am the perfect kind of utterly stupid player for it ;)

Maybe I'll make a sequel with a top 10 🤔


idk whats so entertaining about this, but something is.

I see you with that top score 👀


No entertaining plot, and the objective is to waste as much electric power as you possibly can. If you win, your name gets displayed to everyone else who's doing the same thing. :/ 


I suggest a leaderboard option so that there are more reachable goals than 1814819614. Other than that great game!

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Hmmm that score's physically impossible without hacking given the time since release so I'm going to purge it from the leaderboard.


That's really helpful! I still kind of think it would be cool to have like a top ten though. (just my thoughts.) also if you could add in display options to make it windowed that would be pretty helpful I think. :)