Progress Update

Presenting: Agent Hond in License to Chop

Over the last few weeks we've changed direction a bit. We've decided on movie parodies as the story focus of our game (007 for the first episode!) and have moved to a more action heavy format of gameplay than what we had prior.

The game's focus is now chopping with story instead of story with chopping and we think that makes it significantly more engaging as a play experience.

Now you will fight people in a Punch Out style setting while they talk over the combat.

Your enemies can attack!

But you can block!

We think the simple combat dynamic will really spice up the game and make it a lot more interesting to play than just waiting for a chance to chop.

I hope people are looking forward to playing the game!


Prototype 2 - Chop Therapy (Windows 32-bit) 18 MB
Feb 12, 2018

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