Our Selection

We selected Chop Therapy as our prototype to continue development on.

This is due to it's reasonable mechanical scope and potential for narrative depth.

We are changing it to be a dating sim instead of therapy, which we think will lead to wacky, fun gameplay potential.

We realized that sounds like a bad idea, so we've changed it. We found better gameplay opportunities in the form of action movie parodies.

Pleas look forward to seeing it finished in the future!


Prototype 2 - Chop Therapy (Windows 32-bit) 18 MB
Feb 12, 2018

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A dating sim where you literally hit the person you're intending to date? That sounds wrong on so many levels, but I hope you make it work somehow.

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It helps if you don't question it because we didn't and we definitely didn't consider how bad it sounds on paper.

Our protagonist is a floating hand named Hando so we like to think it makes sense since they can't speak.