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that's actually brilliant! :O

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Wow really cool idea! I went to try it and thought I have no idea what to draw, then DRAWING PROMPT WITH STRESSFUL MUSIC. Very nice touch and design I like this project!

I'll have to learn how to save files after user is done as that is a cool feature, I'm also curious how many prompts did you inlcude? (I know a good magician doesn't reveal their tricks but I'm curious ;p)

*I would love to see a library with everyone's crazy drawings! A cool update for the future!

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There's a little over 100 prompts in the jam version and I'll be adding a bunch more post-jam once the Ludum Dare rating period ends.

If you want to suggest a prompt there's also a Google Form link in the game's description that you can fill. Suggestions are very welcome!